10 Funny Questions to Ask a Girl on First Date

I made this post especially for the boys (not the guys) because boys will always be boys. What should you ask to a girl on a first date? The power of first date terkadang bisa menentukan nasib percintaan kalian, apakah bisa lanjut jadi pacar sampai pelaminan atau selamanya gebetan.


First date adalah persamaan dari first impression.

So, here’s the questions!

1. What did you think of me when you first saw me?

2. Is there anything you would like change about yourself?

3. What is the wildest thing you have ever done?

4. First kiss?

5. Apa hal paling memalukan yang kamu pernah lakukan?

6. Your most memorable first date

7. Kamu bakal mau nggak aku ajak lagi for a second date?
(Depends on how this date is going) 😀

8. Your iPod Playlist!
(Your playlist define your personality)

9. Do you have any addictions? Kecanduan akan apa?
(Kamu.) *Munntah*

10. Are you an early morning person or a late night person?

Coba deh kalian praktekin pertanyaan-pertanyaan diatas. Nggak jaminan bakal jadi pacar langsung ya. SELAMAT MENCOBA!