If I …

If I could describe you into many things,

If you were a book, you’d be an encyclopedia. The guidance book that I’d be reading over and over again. You’d be the most super fun book that I’ve ever read. I don’t care whether they call me ‘Nerd’.

I’m your favorite nerd.

If you were a cake, you’d be my cookies cream cake. A sweet temptation that I would never ever resist because I’ve got the sweetest tooth to taste you. And I won’t get bored. You know I won’t.

If you were shoes, I’d be happy to describe you as my favorite pairs of sneakers. The kind of shoes that I always wear everyday to the gym. The one that protects my feet and makes them so comfy.

But, I never realize. I’m sorry.

If you were color, you’d be a dark blue. The kind of color that I keep in my wardrobe, but barely to wear, because I just too care of it.

If you were a song, you’d be hot and cold of Katy Perry. Because that’s the way you are. You’re hot then cold. You’re happy then gloomy.

If you were a battery, you’d be Energizer. Full of energy.

If you were a skyscraper, you’d be the the empire state building. It takes a king kong to hunt you down.

If you were a dance, you’d be complicated like the tango. Exotic like a mango. Said India Arie in her ‘Complicated Melody’.

If you were a melody, you’d be the most complicated key that I could play on my violin.

And If you were all above to me, what am I to you? What am I to you?

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