Don’t stop, ever!

I grown up as a very quiet girl. Not so popular when I was in high school. Most of my time was spent in bedroom, reading, reading and reading. I never have many friends back then, just a few.

It was all started when my dad kept insisting reading me bedtime stories since I was 2 years old. I started to read my first book at 3 years old, it was Tintin in Tibet. Until I was 7, I kept forcing my dad to read me books. Then one day, he told me that he run out of stories. So, he decided to create his old bedtime stories for me. No wonder, I’m now an imaginative person.

I was a book worm, a geek, a nerd, until now. I choose staying up all night ’till dawn, reading books. I read the first 4 Harry Potter’s series less than a day. That was a record.

All those things above are triggers for me to start writing. Mostly, I write what I feel. Always. I keep writing and writing. I want other people to be in love with writing as much as I do.

Then, there were projects that I handled. Sahabat, curhat cinta colongan, just finished #15HariNgeblogFF. The last one wasn’t really a project. It was a fun game to do. I wanted everyone to enjoy writing. And last night, I realized that everyone who joined #15HariNgeblogFF was so excited. I couldn’t be happier than that. They love it. The most important thing is that they start to writes.

Thank you.

I don’t know what to say. I do hope all of you can find joy and passion in writing or anything that you do just like me.

It’s not the end. I’m hoping to read all your upcoming books. I hope soon.

“Whatever you can do or believe you can do, don’t stop. Ever.” ~ A friend who reminds me not to give up on everything ~

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3 thoughts on “Don’t stop, ever!

  1. it’s my 1st time writing fiction.
    i dont know it’s good enough or not.
    but the most important is, i know that I will keep writing in the future. Hopefully! 🙂

    you are blessed!

    1. I can’t wait to read yours then XD
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