Leah and Wisnu (part III)

At the MRT station in Singapore. The City hall MRT station. Leah rushes in through the MRT door at the west side. She needs to get to the airport very soon. She will have an overhaul long flight to Sao Paulo, Brazil this late evening.

Meanwhile, Wisnu decided to take the MRT from the airport after lining up for taxi but no cab available. This is the first time for him to take the MRT. He feels weird.

“Your MRT will arrive in 4 minutes. Be ready in the east side of the station.”

Wisnu has his self ready. 4 minutes. 3 minutes. 2 minutes. 1 minutes. MRT is coming into the station. Doors are open.

Leah is just about to jump off the MRT.

Then, here is the story.

Wisnu | Leah

I saw her | I saw him
I’d like to run into her and hug her | I ignored him. Pretending that i didn’t see him.
But, she just walked away | I wanted to say ‘I miss you’.
I broke her hurt | I can’t get over him.
She would never forgive me | Can we have another chance?
I love her. I always do. | I love him. Maybe always will.
I never told her that i love her | I guess he never loved me
Have you ever think of me? | Have you ever missed me?
Aku putus dengan Ratih | You’re in a relationship already.
Tuhan, biarkan kami berjodoh lagi | Oh my dear God, i need to forget him.
Aku akan menjaga Leah dengan baik | Aku tak bisa lupa dia. Tapi, aku juga tak ingin disakitinya lagi.
I can see the world in a brighter eyes every time she’s around | I feel safe like i’m home every time he’s with me.

Wisnu is in the MRT. Leah is in the airport. Both of them are sitting. Playing around with their minds. Saling menyesali kenapa tak saling menyapa. Saling memikirkan bagaimana perasaan mereka masing – masing saat ini.

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5 thoughts on “Leah and Wisnu (part III)

    1. halo..

      Leah dan Wisnu itu karakter dari novelku.. Belom selese.. Do’anya aja yah
      Glad if you like it πŸ˜‰

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